I am a weird 18 year old girl from Australia...
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    Season 3 didn’t go so well, Sam.  Just saying.

    The past month has been bleh, but hopefully I’ll be drawing more quality comics like this one in the near future.

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  • ocheano:

    parents : you can’t have any problems you are just a teenager

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  • i-am-menial:


     spookest stoplight to ever roam the earth 

    And Soundwave as the lamp post that goes with it. Perfect.

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  • ramblingsofkallie:


    Adorable Kid’s Halloween Costume. I obtained these from here, here, here and here. Check out Best Halloween DecorationsBest Halloween Masks and Creepy Make-Up Tutorials

    Can we please just state the obvious!

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  • oldfashioneddonut:

    "when i was growing up people didn’t do that!"


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  • heart:


    imagine if humans didn’t have knees and couldn’t kneel down to pick things up so we always had to stick our butts in peoples faces

    wait wtf was I thinking when I typed this

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